All homeowners should be concerned about mold. Although we tend to think of it as a problem on the interior of our homes, it also impacts the exterior – including your roof. At best, mold is distracting and unappealing, but it can real problems for the structure and integrity of your home. So what happens when you ignore a mold problem on your roof? As a trusted general contractor in Brevard, NC, Southern Quality Company wants to share some of what we’ve learned through the years about these types of roofing issues:

  • Mold harms roof structures – Mold can break down your shingles over time. Once this barrier is gone, it can enter your attic Mold is very invasive and will cause major damage to your entire home if left unchecked. If you suspect mold is growing on your roof, call our roof repair experts. The sooner you address a mold issue, the better the chances you’ll avoid costly repairs.
  • Mold spreads rapidly – Ignoring mold on your roof only allows the problem (and the associated repair costs) to increase. Mold can spread over large areas in just a few weeks’ time. The growth rate depends largely on the weather, including moisture levels and temperatures. However, you shouldn’t take the risk. Call us as soon as you suspect a problem.
  • Mold is toxic – Most importantly, mold should be taken seriously because it’s toxic. Any signs of mold in your home should receive immediate attention from a general contractor. Your health is more important than the cost of any roof repairs.

If you notice mold on your roof call a general contractor from Southern Quality Company. Our team will help you with roof repair and roof replacement, as well as with other home improvement projects. Contact us today for service in Brevard, NC and Western North Carolina.