Your roof is a crucial investment, especially in a place like Asheville and the surrounding areas of North Carolina, where the weather can be unpredictable and sometimes extreme. Ensuring your roof is in excellent condition is essential to protect your home from the elements. Here are five signs to watch out for, any of which may signal that it’s time for a new roof in this beautiful part of the country.


1. Something’s Growing on Your Roof!

Asheville’s lush landscape and frequent rain provide the perfect environment for moss and algae to thrive on your roof. If you notice dark streaks or blotches on your shingles, that’s a sign of algae growth. Algae not only compromises the structural integrity of your roof but also reduces its functionality, such as reflecting sunlight and maintaining consistent interior temperatures.

The humid climate of Asheville can exacerbate this issue, making it even more critical to keep an eye on your roof’s condition and address any growth promptly.


2. Water Damage: A Soaker’s Paradise

Asheville and the surrounding region experience significant rainfall throughout the year. If you observe water dripping from your ceiling or walls, it’s a clear indication that your roof has a problem. While some issues, like improperly installed flashing, can be fixed relatively easily, hidden damage can lead to mold and mildew growth within your home.

Given the climate in North Carolina, it’s crucial not to be shy about inspecting your attic and checking for dampness within walls and ceilings after heavy weather events. Early detection can prevent costly repairs down the line.


3. Shingles Where They Shouldn’t Be

Time and harsh weather conditions can take a toll on roofing materials. In Asheville, high winds and heavy rains can be particularly tough on your roof. If you find shingles on the ground around your home, it’s a clear sign that your roof may be deteriorating. While one or two missing shingles may not seem like a big deal, they can lead to more significant issues if left unattended. It’s advisable to bring in a roofing professional to assess your roof’s condition, especially what you can’t see from street level.


4. Pains in the Asphalt

Asphalt is a key component of roofing shingles, and it can reveal a lot about your roof’s health. In the unique climate of Asheville, pay close attention to shingles that are cracking, curling, or developing small bubble-like blisters on their surface. These are visual cues that your roof is experiencing wear and tear. Given the potential for extreme weather conditions in this area, addressing these issues promptly is essential to prolong your roof’s lifespan as well as protecting your belongings inside your home.


5. Aging Gracefully or Not?

As the saying goes, “Time flies.” It certainly does, and it doesn’t spare your roof. In Asheville, where the climate can be both beautiful and challenging, it’s important to know the age of your roof. Depending on the type of roofing material and the local climate, if your roof is over 20 years old, it’s time to have it inspected. Roofs in this region have to contend with hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters, so regular maintenance and inspections are crucial for longevity.


Asheville and its surroundings offer a unique living experience, but they also present specific challenges to your roof. Keeping a watchful eye on your roof, both before and after weather events, is essential. Take note of any changes and don’t hesitate to consult a professional to address any potential issues promptly.

Remember, taking good care of your roof ensures that it will continue to take good care of you and your home in the vibrant, ever-changing climate in the mountains of North Carolina. 

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