Log cabins make some of the loveliest homes. However, they do require a little more maintenance than more traditional types of homes. Southern Quality Company’s builders want log cabin owners to have beautiful homes that last for generations to come. Here’s why log cabin restoration is so important, especially for older homes.

What is log cabin restoration?

Log cabin restoration is the process of restoring a cabin back to like-new condition. This process is not the same as remodeling, although many people choose to combine a remodeling job while they’re completing a restoration. While many cabins are well-built, if your cabin wasn’t constructed with quality, you can expect to perform both major restoration work and regular log cabin repairs. Our best advice is to always work with professional, reputable log cabin builders.

Why is maintenance and restoration important for my cabin?

Any log cabin builder you work with should always stress the importance of regular maintenance. Even though these structures are beautiful (not to mention cozy during our mountain winters), they are easily susceptible to damage if they aren’t taken care of. Restoration is a great way to rescue a cabin that may be getting close to the point of disrepair. It revitalizes a cabin back to its original state. Even if a cabin is still in good shape, homeowners may choose to schedule a restoration to give a boost to the overall appearance of the home.

How should I care for my cabin?

Sealing the wood will help protect your cabin from the harsh outdoor elements, such as wind, rain, and UV rays. Cleaning the exterior of your cabin helps, as does fixing damage as soon as you notice it. To learn more about what to do, talk to one of our log cabin builders today.

For help with log cabin restoration and repair, contact Southern Quality Company in Brevard, NC.