When fall comes around, change is in the air! The many changes – from the leaves to the weather – may put you in the mood for some household updates as well. After you’ve raked the leaves and turned the heat on, there may be some bigger projects you want to do take on around your home. What about your home’s exterior appearance? Is it time for a fresh coat of paint? Today, Southern Quality Company wants to show you why fall may be a good time for house painting:

Perfect temperatures

Fall presents some of the best temperatures for house painting thanks to the season’s overall climate. Dry air with temperatures around 40-50° is considered to be quite good by many professional painting contractors. During this time of year, it’s neither too hot nor too cold, which can affect the painting process. Winter temperatures of 35° and lower can harm the paint and lead you to having to repaint your home in a fairly short amount of time. In the fall, you can more effectively apply paint and it will dry better.

Take advantage of color trends

Around this time of year, home designers are releasing new information about next year’s color trends for paint. Be among the first to jump on these trends by scheduling a paint job now. You’ll certainly make your home more modern-looking by getting it done now rather than waiting.

Enjoy the new year

Finally, painting your home in the fall allows you to get the work done before the new year starts. You’ll have one more to-do checked off your list and you’ll be able to start 2019 knowing that your home looks its very best.

Need to schedule a house painting job this season? The painting contractors at Southern Quality Company are here to help. Call today to learn more about our services!