Now that spring is here, it’s the perfect time to spruce up your roof by calling a roofing contractor. It’s also time to take care of some other home maintenance tasks. Not sure what to look for? Southern Quality Company has the answer. Here are three springtime maintenance tips for your home in the Brevard, NC area.

  1. Get your roof cleaned, inspected, and repaired – With the potential for strong spring storms, you’ll want to make sure your roof is ready for whatever tough weather comes your way. Cleaning off moss and cleaning out gutters will help keep your roof sound for many months to come.
  2. Give your home a fresh coat of paint – Nothing brightens up a home more than a new coat of paint. Painting is an excellent way to make an affordable, yet significant, change to your home’s look. Look at the outside of your home to see if exterior painting is needed after the harsh winter. Then take a survey of each room to see if new interior paint would make a difference. Whether you need to touch up blemishes or change to a whole new color, you’ll be amazed at the difference painting can make.
  3. Consider a remodel – What if you want to make bigger changes around your home? The better weather and longer days make it a prime time to start bigger construction projects. If you’ve ever considered remodeling, talk to a custom home builder on our staff. We can build additions, expand rooms, and completely redesign your living spaces. Talk to one of our contractors about our remodeling services for your kitchen, bathroom, or any other part of your house.

When you need a painting, remodeling, or roofing contractor in Brevard, NC, call Southern Quality Company. We’ll give your home a look you’ll love all year long!